Monday, December 28, 2015

Gift of Tongues

Hey family!!

It was an amazing experience to see all of your beautiful faces on Christmas!! I am so happy that I got the chance to hear how you all are doing too.

We had one of the most amazing lessons yet as companions this week!! We were visiting this amazing couple that lives down the hill from our house. We have stopped by a few times to say hi but never really had the chance to teach them a lesson. Honestly, we were at the point of contacting with no luck when my companion and I just looked at each other, you know that look that you get when you are totally lost, yeah that one. We instantly bowed our heads and offered a prayer. It was one of those horrible moments that when you lift your head, your hope is so high to receive the instant thought of what to do, but that didn’t happen. Heavenly Father decided to teach me a lesson. My mind was still blank. We decided to start walking until something came to mind. As we kept going Mother Nature decided to hit; yes, I'm talking about the bathroom. I have learned here in Puerto Rico you don't just go and use any old bathroom. So I went through, in my head, everyone I knew that lived close and felt that the closest was Jorge and Carmen.

When we got there, we were super set to get through the first lesson! The Spirit was so strong in the lesson. Another thing that I have learned to love in my mission is to start with a song. It really does bring a huge peace and spirit to set the tone for a lesson. We started with Joseph's First Prayer. This song has become on of my favorite hymns. It just gives one of the most beautiful descriptions to the most amazing experience a youth has ever had.

Anyways, in this lesson, I was so amazed because I saw the gift of tongues beam through Sister Taylor. She had the confidence we had been praying so hard for. It was so extraordinary to see the smile that went from ear to ear as she shared each of her parts of the lesson! It was one of the most incredible things ever. It was just a moment that you know from now on it will be easier for her. It is one of best feelings on the mission to see that even though my time is coming to an end that Sister Taylor will have the confidence to go and help all the people that still need the gospel here in Juana Diaz! It was a proud mom moment!

For Mama’s questions:
Where did you spend Christmas Day after we spoke with you?
--We spent it sharing some Christmas cheer to all around! 
Do Puerto Ricans have any special traditions different from ours?
--Other than Three Kings Day most are the same. But at 5 am Christmas day, they light off fireworks! That was super different, Hahaha! 
What do you do on New Years Day?
--Honestly, I don’t know yet probably will be going to a member’s house or celebrating indoors safe and sound with the Sisters I live with!

I love you all so much. Hope you all have an amazing New Year!! Guess what? I can’t wait to see you all next year! Hahaha!

Con Amor Siempre,

Hermana Harris

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