Monday, November 10, 2014

Zone Conference!

Hey family!!

Well first things, first.

I want to say that I love you guys so, so much! I am so incredibly blessed to have an amazing family like you! I know that we can be together forever and that brings so much happiness to my soul!

Well this week we did a lot of walking, ha ha, mission life! We are continuing to contact every area that we go to! We have been going through the ward list and contacting as many as we can find. Wow, our list needs to be updated, but hey we are just doing more work for the ward. We have found a lot of less-actives and tried to talk to them! 
Well, one of the big things for this week is that we had Zone Conference! It was a great opportunity to get a reboot. To be spiritually uplifted and to be recharged! We focused on the 9th chapter of preach my gospel, finding people. Honestly, it was exactly what we needed for our area! It really makes you think about how to meet people. It really is the little things where the Lord prepares someone that is ready for the gospel. We are constantly in the streets talking to people we pass, in the buses, in the gas stations getting change for the buses, everywhere! All of Heavenly Fathers children need the gospel so it is worth the time and effort to try to talk to each one of them! I love zone conference and it was also a great opportunity to be able to talk to all the missionaries in my zone! I had the opportunity to see three missionaries that were in the CCM with me, so that was amazing!! 

The next amazing occurrence of the week is that I had the opportunity to meet and listen to two members of the seventy!!! Elder Packer (Elder Boyd K. Packers son) and Elder Martinez!! They were here talking to our stake about family history! Wow, it was so powerful! It is amazing to hear them talk about the importance of family history. One thing that was said that I loved was: Family history is really simple, first, just start talking to any family member that has a story, and write down memories that we have. One of the speakers said this

"1. Find a name of an ancestor,
2. Take it to the temple, and
3. Get someone else to do the same."

How simple is that? Really, if everyone just continued to do this cycle, time and time again, just think about how grateful the ones in heaven waiting will be. I know that when I get off my mission this will be one of the ways that I will continue to be a missionary. We have the opportunity everyday to bring the gospel to our ancestors through family history! The church has made it so much simpler these days with

Well another really cool thing about this week was yesterday. So we were walking to an area really close to our house. Normally we take the long way around.  I was just kind of being lazy so I said, like what is the point at taking the long way when we can cut off some of the walking time? It just happened that when we were walking the short cut we passed a newly moved less-active!! They got in their car an followed us to where we were walking. They stopped next to us and explained that they had seen us walking and really wanted to talk to us. It just so happens that they had just moved to this area. They wanted to know where the church was. The husband is a less active and admitted it. His wife has never even looked into the church! I am so excited to teach them this coming week!
Well, that is all for my week! I love you all so, so much and miss you always!

Con amor siempre,

Hermana Harris